PSS has worked with researchers in the US and Canada for the past twenty years. We have a staff of board certified pathologists, including a board certified neuropathologist, and highly trained technicians. Throughout North America, we can remove any organ or medical device and prepare it to your specifications.


We can ship to you in any condition, fixed (in the fixing agent you specify), frozen @ -80 c, or fresh. Alternately, we can have our pathologist examine the item and then we can report their findings to you.


We are able to collect, prepare and ship any tissue, body fluid, prosthesis or medical device anywhere in the country. Our highly trained technical staff is on call for your specific needs.

Please send us your detailed protocol.


We can prepare the specimen to your specifications, fresh, fixed in the fixative of your choice, or frozen at -80c or any combination. Please send us your detailed protocol.

We can hand deliver, ship via FedEx, UPS or special courier.


We can have our pathologist or neuropathologist examine the specimen and
report our findings to you.