Coroners, Medical Examiners, & Law Enforcement

From 1974 until 2001, PSS managed the morgue and autopsy services for the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office. Our efforts helped establish Sacramento as one of the most efficient operations in the country and a center of forensic excellence. We helped establish and encouraged the use of the Coroner’s facility as an educational resource for the community. Over the past thirty years more than one hundred of our staff have gone on to medical school; fifteen are forensic scientists working in crime laboratories around the country. More than one hundred are working in health care as nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants; most are still in our communities.

With the help, energies and commitment of PSS not only did the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office carry out its statutory duties in a mose efficient way it was also an important educational asset for the community.

With our dedicated and enthusiastic staff PSS can help you make your Coroner/Medical Examiner Office a center of excellence, an educational asset for your community and save you money.. Contact us for more information.

Services Provided

  • Complete Autopsy – $2,500.00 to $4,500.00 (includes travel)

This includes a gross description of all organ systems and microscopic examination by a board certified pathologist, diagnosis and cause of death if different than that stated on the death certificate. A comprehensive report with a case summary in non-medical terms will be completed in approximately forty-five working days.

  • Neuropathology Consult – add $700.00

This includes the above plus a detailed examination of the brain by a board certified neuropathologist. This examination is only needed if there are questions regarding the mental or neurological status of the individual, such as seizure disorder or dementia.

This increases the report completion time to approximately ninety working days.

  • Toxicology – add $400.00

This includes the examination of blood and urine for specific prescription drugs.

Toxicology is normally not needed. This increases the report completion time to approximately ninety working days.

  • Brain only Autopsy – $1,800.00 to $3,500.00 (includes travel)

This is an acceptable choice if the only questions involve the mental status of the individual, such as the type of dementia involved.

This examination includes a detailed description of the brain with diagnosis and clinicopathological correlation by a board certified neuropathologist. A comprehensive report will be completed in approximately ninety working days.

Tissue collection and partial autopsies for toxic tort cases are time driven. Technician’s time is billed at $200.00/hour plus expenses with a $600.00 minimum and $1500.00/a day, plus expenses, maximum.. Pathologist time for case review is billed at $350.00/hour plus expenses (two hour minimum) civil court testimony is billed at $450.00/hour (two hour minimum). Depositions are billed at $300.00/hour (two hour minimum).

The above prices are as of January 1, 2006 and may be subject to change without notice.

Please call for confirmation.